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Sandstone is a sedimentary rock group which is mostly made up of tiny grains of quartz. The chemical constitution of sandstone is the same as that of sand; the rock is thus composed essentially of quartz. Its color varies from red, green, yellow, brown, gray and white. These stones are durable, weather, acid and thermal resistant and have crushing strength. They come in many colors, shades. The variation is result of binding material and its percentage of constituent.


Jodhpur Pink Sandstone
Jodhpur Brown Sandstone
Rainbow Sandstone
Teak Wood Sandstone
Jaisalmer Yellow Sandstone
Mandana Sandstone
Agra Red Sandstone
Bansi Pink Sandstone
Dholpur Beige Sandstone
Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone
Lalitpur Grey Sandstone
Modak Sandstone
Asian Gold Sandstone
Indus Gold Sandstone
Kandla Grey Sandstone
Gwalior Mint Sandstone
Tint Mint Sandstone
Fossil Mint Sandstone
Multi Brown Sandstone
Autumn Brown Sandstone
Raj Green Sandstone
Camel Brown Sandstone
Sagar Black Sandstone
Raveena Sandstone
Woodland Sandstone
Panther Sandstone
Chocolate Sandstone
Jodhpur Pink (Texture Honed Finish)
Jodhpur Pink (Plane Honed Finish)
Jodhpur Pink (Sand Blast Polish Finish)
Jodhpur Pink (Shot Blast Finish)
Jodhpur Pink (Fine Edge Finish)
Jodhpur Pink (Flamed Finish)
Jodhpur Pink (Lychee Finish)
Jodhpur Pink (Rock Face Finish)
Jodhpur Pink (Pineapple Finish)
Jodhpur Pink (Polished Finish)
Jodhpur Pink (Point Stalk Finish)
Jaisalmer Yellow (Bush Hammer Finish)

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