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Teak Wood Sandstone

  • Origin: North India
  • Color: Teakwood
  • Finish: Honed, Brushed, Bush Hammered, Natural, Antique, Sandblast, Tumbled
  • Offered In: Tiles, Slabs, Pavers, Blocks
  • Tiles Size: 30 X 30, 60 X 30, 60 X 60, 60 X 90 CM
  • Slab Size: 120 - 190 X 60 - 90 CM
Product Detail

Teakwood Sandstone is smooth light yellow veined fine grained dense sandstone with beautiful variation whilst maintaining a blended appearance, it is very durable and perfect for outdoors especially pool surrounds. Teakwood sawn Indian sandstone is one of our distinct ranges of external paving, and can make a real statement with its bold and flamboyant coloring, it cannot be polished nor can be split.

Application Areas

Teakwood Sandstone attracts attention of almost everyone due to its texture resembling the texture of wood, it is also a great choice for use around swimming pools for its advantages of non slip surface besides being smooth on the surface and help greatly against poolside slips. It is smoothly sawn on all six sides to give a totally crisp and clean feel whilst still being firm and non slip underfoot. All the tiles of teakwood sandstones are carefully calibrated and cut to exact size required by the clients. These stones are also ideal for interior as well as exterior wall cladding and flooring in residences and commercial places.

Teakwood sandstone is a fine grained creamish colored sandstone, which bears beautiful patterns formed by brown veins throughout the surface. The brownish color lends a wooden finish similar to that of aged wood. This sandstone gives a luxurious feel upon being used with sandblasting and bush hammered surface. Owing to the soft texture and extraordinarily smooth surface, the teakwood sandstone does not take good polish but is used extensively in making garden ornaments, building stone, wall cladding, countertops, monuments, tabletops, vanity tops, steps, risers, pool coping, sills and paving stones.

Royal Indian Stones, a leading manufacturer and exporter of teakwoood sandstone in India, offers this sandstone in finishes like honed, bush-hammered, tumbled, brushed, antique, sandblasted, natural, and sawn. As per the customer requirements, this sandstone is offered in varying shapes, thicknesses, and sizes.