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General Instruction

The installation of natural stone must be performed by an experienced installation contractor with care given to the protection of the stone until construction is complete. We recommend requiring your contractor to make a “mockup” board to test grout, sealers, and maintenance products prior to the commencement of project installation. Be sure that the stone is protected from construction dirt, dust and foot trafic, until the entire project is complete.

Maintenance Notes
Prior to installation you must understand how the stone will be used, which dictates the needed sealing and maintenance parameters. Manufacture instructions for the specific sealant and cleaning products used will instruct how often the stone is to be maintained or re-sealed.
Sealing after grouting is also recommended as sealing the cementitious grout helps maintain the entire surface.
Wet use areas, such as showers, will need to be maintained and re-sealed more often than in dry areas.
Please consult with your selected sealer manufacturer’s technical department for specific advice.

Product Notes
Color variation is the inherent beauty of natural stone. Make sure to blend the materials to account for color variations prior to installing.
This is a quarried product, color, and stone characteristics, such as veining, will vary within the same piece and totality of the order.
There are many different edge and surface finishes available, please double check to be sure your order is as specified prior to installation.

Installation Notes
Protection of the stone during and after installation, including sealing, is essential.
Hiring a knowledgeable tile contractor with previous experience with natural stone is essential.
Do not use masking tape on the surface of natural stone. This will leave a glue residue that will absorb dirt over the coming months and years.