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Limestone is a sedimentary stone and limestonely consists of Calcite. It has a smooth granular surface, does not show much graining or crystalline structure and varies in hardness. Limestones are very tough, non water-absorbent, non-slip, non-porous and have excellent stain resolvability. Moreover, their resistance to wear and delaminating is higher than other stones.These limestone tiles are used the world over for paving, floorings, claddings, around the swimming pools & general, construction purposes.


Natural Black Limestone
Kota Blue Limestone
Kota Brown Limestone
Jaisalmer Yellow Limestone

Flowery Gold Limestone

Ita Gold Limestone
Asian Gold Limestone

Galaxy Gold Limestone

Pink Limestone
Tandur Yellow Limestone

Tandur Blue Limestone

Peacock Limestone
White Limestone

Chocolate Limestone

Green Limestone
Jaisalmer Yellow (Polished Finish)

Jaisalmer Yellow (Honed Finish)

Jaisalmer Yellow (Coarse Edge Finish)
Jaisalmer Yellow (Shot Blast Brushed)

Jaisalmer Yellow (Shot Blast Finish)

Jaisalmer Yellow (Lychee Finish)
Jaisalmer Yellow (Pineapple Finish)

Jaisalmer Yellow (Point Stalk Finish)

Jaisalmer Yellow (Rock Face Finish)

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