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Chocolate Sandstone

  • Origin: North India
  • Color: Chocolate
  • Finish: Honed, Brushed, Bush Hammered, Natural, Sandblast, Tumbled, Flamed
  • Offered In: Tiles, Slabs, Pavers, Blocks
  • Tiles Size: 30 X 30, 60 X 30, 60 X 60, 60 X 90 CM
  • Slab Size: 120 - 190 X 60 - 90 CM
Product Detail

Chocolate Sandstone is very obtained in brownish sometime reddish hue to present iron oxides, It is also used for exterior wall cladding and is available in natural, sawn, & polished surface finishes along with various value added finishes such as flamed, bush Hammerred, sandblasted surfaces. It is a good choice as it gives a contemporary traditional look as well as brand new traditional décor.

Application Areas

Chocolate Sandstone is available in various finishes such as natural cleft, flamed, polished, honed, bush hammered, sawn, acid washed, antique finish and sand blasted to suit different applications. The finish and smoothness of tiles and slabs of sandstone depends on the finish of edges, which is available in machine cut, sawn, hand chiseled, hand dressed and chamfered, beveled. The edges play a major role in the overall appearance of the architecture they are used in building stone, ornamental stone, interior, exterior, wall, floor, countertops, sinks, monuments, pool coping, sills, paving stone.

Natural chocolate sandstone are not only durable but also are beautiful to watch, this is the reason various hotels use chocolate sandstone accent to give it a modern yet a traditional homely look. The color varies from soft chocolate to light purple. Basically it gives a classic look to any construction form. One can get this flooring done in their home, on terrace or outside area of the house like gardening area, pathways or pool side. It makes the room look elegant and gives timeless style. This is the reason it is one of the most sought after material when it comes to flooring and paving.

Royal Indian Stones, a leading manufacturer and exporter of chocolate sandstone in India, offers this sandstone in finishes like honed, polished, bush-hammered, tumbled, brushed, sandblasted, and sawn. As per the customer requirements, this sandstone is offered in varying shapes, thicknesses, and sizes.