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Grey Crushed Stone Chips

  • Origin: North India
  • Color: Grey
  • Finish: Rough Texture
  • Offered In: Crushed, Tumbled
  • Chips Size: 1 - 5 MM, 5 - 10 MM, 10 - 20 MM
Product Detail

Grey colour crushed stone chips is made from Grey Limestone, it is a sedimentary stone and consists of calcite, it has a smooth granular surface, does not show much graining or crystalline structure and varies in hardness. Limestones are very tough, non water-absorbent, non-slip, non-porous and have excellent stain resolvability. Moreover, their resistance to wear and delaminating is higher than other stones. Royal Indian Stones is a leading exporter, wholesaler, manufacturer and supplier of grey colour natural stone chips.

Application Areas

Garden and home decor, landscaping decor, backyard patio, pathway, pool side, road highlighter, indoor and outdoor decoration and for aquarium substrate.