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Chocolate Stone Chips

  • Origin: North India
  • Color: Chocolate
  • Finish: Rough Texture
  • Offered In: Crushed, Tumbled
  • Chips Size: 1 - 5 MM, 5 - 10 MM, 10 - 20 MM
Product Detail

Chocolate natural stone chips is made from Rhyolite Rocks, it is felsic igneous extrusive rock and it is a fine-grained and dominated by quartz and alkali feldspar. Due to the high silica content, rhyolite lava is very viscous, although lava flow structures are prominent, the riolite generally appears very uniform in the bear a striking resemblance to granite, due to being classified as felsic rocks, except that rhyolite has a fine-grained texture. Royal Indian Stones is a leading exporter and supplier of chocolate colour natural stone chips.

Application Areas

Road and construction aggregate, landscaping, backyard patio, home decor, pool side, road highlighter, indoor and outdoor decoration and for aquarium substrate.