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Oman Red Marble

  • Origin: North India
  • Color: Red
  • Finish: Honed, Brushed, Antique, Natural, Sandblast, Polished, Leather, Lepatora
  • Offered In: Tiles, Slabs, Pavers, Blocks
  • Tiles Size: 30 X 30, 60 X 30, 60 X 60, 60 X 90 CM
  • Slab Size: 120 - 190 X 60 - 90 CM
Product Detail

Oman Red Marbl is a low variation durable marble available in both tiles and slabs in a diffrent finishes. This stunning marble has considered one of the most versatile colors that marble is available in because of its use as an embellishing substance as well as its compatibility with other colors. We offer a wide range of natural marble stones with assured quality and the best price in the market.

Application Areas

Oman Red Marble is beautiful red marble shade conveys calm and comfort to luxury settings and connect our senses with nature. Marble is always impressive, but oman red marble (North India Marble) goes beyond your expectations. Our marble is popular for its style, color, looks, and patterns. Its marble slabs can fit all design trends, sure to never get out of style. It looks magnificent on the interior or exterior walls, ornamental stone, countertops, sinks, monuments, and floors, it can also be used in bathrooms or kitchens. Oman red marble is particularly liked by homeowners who want to have a more rustic look in their interiors.

Royal Indian Stones, a leading manufacturer and exporter of oman red marble in India, offers this marble stone in finishes like honed, antique, polished, leather, lepatora, brushed, sandblasted, and sawn. As per the customer requirements, this marble stone is offered in varying shapes, thicknesses, and sizes.