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Slates are fine grained metamorphic stone that is formed from clay, sedimentary rock shell, and sometimes quartz. Characteristically the rock may slit into relatively thinner slabs. Slates find application in interiors and exteriors. It is extremely beautiful and more cost effective than most other wall and floor coverings. It renders a very graceful, natural finish to any building or home. The usual colours of slate are copper, gold, multicolor, black, dark grey, greenish grey, copper and purplish grey. Sometimes colour changes do occur due to weathering. Slate has an excellent shining property.


Kund Rustic Slate
Kund Peacock Slate
Kund Multy Slate
Deoli Green Slate

Copper Slate

Zeera Grey Slate
Jack Black Slate
Silver Shine Slate
Himachal Black Slate
Golden Slate

Himachal Green Slate

Silver Grey Slate
Chocolate Slate

Raja Red Slate

Pink Slate
Automn Rustic Slate

Absolute Black Slate

California Gold Slate
Indian Automn Slate

Indian Automn South Slate

Vijaya Gold Slate
Ocean Green Slate

N Green Slate

M Green Slate
Tandur Blue Slate

Tandur Yellow Slate

Terra Red Slate
Himachal White Slate

Shimla White Slate

Indian Veneer Slate Sheets

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