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Manufacturer and Exporter of Sandstone, Lime Stone, Marble, Granite, Slate, Pebbles and Cobbles


Pebbles are small roundish Stones which could be either machined or natural. Machined Pebbles are costly than natural and both are sold per metric ton. Pebbles are used as decorative stones and come in various hues and sizes and find usage in homes, artificial ponds, fountains, posh lounges, open air theatres, aquaria, parks, out houses and gardens.


Black Polished Tumbled Pebbles
White Polished Tumbled Pebbles
Pink Sandstone Tumbled Pebbles
Teak Sandstone Tumbled Pebbles
Red Sandstone Tumbled Pebbles
Yellow Sandstone Tumbled Pebbles
Rainbow Sandstone Tumbled Pebbles
Forest Brown Tumbled Pebbles
Forest Green Tumbled Pebbles
Snow White Quartzite Tumbled Pebbles
Granite Tumbled Pebbles
Beige Sandstone Tumbled Pebbles
White Marble Tumbled Pebbles
Mint Sandstone Tumbled Pebbles
Silver Grey Tumbled Pebbles
White Natural River Pebbles
Black Natural River Pebbles
Grey Natural River Pebbles
Beige Natural River Pebbles
Green Natural River Pebbles
Chocolate Natural River Pebbles
Brown Natural River Pebbles
Yellow Natural River Pebbles
Mix Natural River Pebbles
Red color Agate Tumbled Pebbles
Camel Brown Agate Tumbled Pebbles
Crystal White Onyx Tumbled Pebbles
Black Onyx Tumbled Pebbles
Red Onyx Tumbled Pebbles
Lemon Onyx Tumbled Pebbles
Green Onyx Tumbled Pebbles
White Onyx Tumbled Pebbles
Aqua Onyx Tumbled Pebbles
Pink Onyx Tumbled Pebbles
Purple Onyx Tumbled Pebbles
Orange Onyx Tumbled Pebbles
Yellow Onyx Tumbled Pebbles
Blue Onyx Tumbled Pebbles
Mix Onyx Tumbled Pebbles
Yellow Stone Crushed Chips
Red Stone Crushed Chips
Green Stone Crushed Chips
Black Stone Crushed Chips
White Stone Crushed Chips
Grey Stone Crushed Chips



Cobbles are generally used for pavements, outhouses, pool-side. They are sold in metric tons. These are handsplit. Cobbles of Sand stone and Granite are available in ready stock. We manufactue cobbles of sandstones like kandle grey, autumn brown, mandana, modak etc.


Jodhpur Pink Sandstone Cobbles
Jodhpur Brown Sandstone Cobbles
Jaisalmer Yellow Sandstone Cobbles
Kaddapa Black Limestone Cobbles
Mandana Red Sandstone Cobbles
Kandla Grey Sandstone Cobbles
Kota Brown Limestone Cobbles
Kota Blue Limestone Cobbles
Raj Green Sandstone Cobbles
Lalitpur Grey Sandstone Cobbles
Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone Cobbles
Modak Pink Sandstone Cobbles
Multi Brown Sandstone Cobbles
Agra Red Sandstone Cobbles
Teak Wood Sandstone Cobbles
Mint Sandstone Cobbles
Tandur Yellow Limestone Cobbles
Tandur Blue Limestone Cobbles
White Granite Cobbles
Red Granite Cobbles
Black Granite Cobbles
Grey Granite Cobbles
Pink Granite Cobbles
Golden Granite Cobbles
Automn Brown Cobbles
Sagar Black Cobbles
Raveena Sandstone Cobbles
Kuppam Green Granite Cobbles
Chocolate Brown Sandstone Cobbles
Crazy Pavement Stones

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