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Spider Green Marble

  • Origin: North India
  • Color: Green
  • Finish: Honed, Brushed, Antique, Natural, Sandblast, Polished, Leather, Tumbled
  • Offered In: Tiles, Slabs, Pavers, Blocks
  • Tiles Size: 30 X 30, 60 X 30, 60 X 60, 60 X 90 CM
  • Slab Size: 120 - 190 X 60 - 90 CM
Product Detail

Spider Green Marble is mainly found in Rajasthan, India. It is a beautiful green marble stone with white colour veins spread in a web form, available in different block sizes, slab, and marble tiles. Once the marble is cut into slabs, it is then book-matched, cutting and polishing of two slabs to create mirror images of each other. These slabs are further arranged in sequence to allow a steady flow of the pattern.

Application Areas

Spider Green Marble is famous for its polished finish and durability, the premium-quality marble fulfills the demand of nature lovers. This Green Marble is highly appreciated for outstanding quality and effectiveness, hence can be installed at the interior and exterior marble flooring, monuments, mosaic, ornamental stone, wall cladding, sinks, worktops, vanity tops, steps and risers, bathroom, and countertops. This unique marble product is basically used in the form of tiles, blocks, and slabs, polyester resin is applied for to fill the naturally occurring voids prior to the polishing stage, this black-hued marble has a hard and resistant structure.

Royal Indian Stones, a leading manufacturer and exporter of spider green marble in India, offers this marble stone in finishes like honed, antique, polished, leather, lepatora, brushed, sandblasted, and sawn. As per the customer requirements, this marble stone is offered in varying shapes, thicknesses, and sizes.